Sep 14, 2018


A short lived German company, located in Eisenberg / Thuringia, that started car production  in 1921. First they offered a two seater cycle car with an air cooled engine. The car was very similar with the ROVER Eight.                  In 1922 they moved to Naumburg / Thuringia.
Later the engine was water cooled and there were also four seaters and small trucks.
Production ceased in 1925.  No surviving car is known.

my all time favorite radiator badge

Dimension8.3cm x 6.1  cm
Year1921- 1925

reverse without makers mark

contemporary ad proudly showing the emblem

Peter and Moritz car with flat radiator

 models with v-shaped radiator had the emblem mounted on the radiator core

Do you know these two guys ?

The German author Wilhelm Busch already used the comic strip technique in 1865 publishing the story about Max und Moritz. 55 years later the two buys are on a radiator emblem. What a crazy idea !

I´m sure you will find in this garage the last survivor of the Peter and Moritz cars...
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  1. I love this funny emblem. Want to buy one. But where ?