Aug 17, 2018


The well known FIAT Company sold the first cars to the public in 1899.
In more then 100 years they used incountable numbers of different car emblems.
You  still can find FIAT emblems never seen before...

To my knowledge this was the first FIAT emblem,  used from 1899 to 1901. This emblem was affixed to the firewall,  i.e. the wall that separates the vehicle interior from the engine compartment.

 7.4 cm x 5.2 cm

1899- 1901

One of my FIAT favorites:

firewall emblem showing the chassis number

This emblem was fixed at the firewall between motor  and passenger compartment.
In Europe it was used from 1901 to 1904. In the States Fiat used this emblem a few years longer.                            The advertisment from 1909 is proving this.

Size 10.7 cm x 6.8 cm
Year1901 - 1909

American FIAT sales brochure of 1909

really bad repro of the firewall emblem (made in Germany by Göde)

From 1901 onwards FIAT always used a bevelled letter A:

An oval enamelled emblem followed for a full seventeen years, from 1904 until 1921:

On top you see the American FIAT radiator badge enamelled in transparent red and dark blue ( it is from the Lee Roy Hartung collection that was up for auction in 2011,  see post: Lee Roy Hartung).
In the middle the first European oval FIAT emblem, completly flat.
Bottom the first oval emblem that is curved.

Size10.2 cm x 6.0 cm 
Year1904 - 1921

reverse without makers mark

1922 FIAT advertisment still showing the old emblem

Then came the first round FIAT emblem, red letters on white background. It was affixed to the radiator from 1921 - 1925, of course using a bevelled letter A.

Size7.3 cm with laurel
Year1921 -1925

German sales brochure proudly showing the emblem

rare v-shaped version on a FIAT 519 S

Size6.8 cm x 8.6 cm

V-shaped emblem of my collection

reverse of the V-shaped emblem

1925 to 1930 came the next stage of evolution:

The typical FIAT blue with white letters emerged. The A is still bevelled top right.

Size  5.9 cm
Year1925 - 1930 

there are two sizes: the large emblem is much rarer and more expensiv


Some of the FIAT type 509 exported to the UK had a second emblem under the regular emblem, a white angular emblem with the word "ITALY" :

FIAT 509 for sale,  seen in Beaulieu 2017

very stylish 1927 advertisment with the above shown emblem

When I bought the following emblem the seller told me that is was made for FIAT cars used by the dictator Mussolini in the nineteenthirties. But there is no evidence for this statement. Nevertheless it is a very rare unusual emblem.

Size5.9 cm
Yearc. 1925 - 1930

backside of the black / red emblem with makers mark from LORIOLI MILANO

In 1930 / 31 the emblem was still round. Left and right from the name FIAT you now find two strokes:

 5.0 cm

1930- 1931

There was also a red version:

 The same design for the Italian FIAT and the German NSU emblem :

In 1929 FIAT the German NSU autodivision: Therefore the same design ! For more information about NSU click here


Another round and red  emblem  was also offered with a brass base with wings:

Still looking for a contemporary photo showing this particular emblem. Do you have one ?

  11.1 cm x 5.4 cm ( with wings )

c. 1930


Some ot the FIAT Tipo 514 had an angular  emblem with a top :

In 1932 the FIAT emblem became completly rectangular:

This angular form continued to be produced  even after WWII

Size3.4 cm x  5.2 cm
Year1932 - 1939

In the sixties and seventies there was a plastic hood emblem in the prewar style:

Size  7.2 cm
Year1960 - 1970

It wasn´t until the 1980s that the FIAT emblem underwent a radical development. A long rectangle with the four letters FIAT  separated by strokes, with the A no longer being bevelled, emerged for the first time in 1982.  It can thus already be seen that the emblems were continuing to pursue an abstract idea.

Year1982 - 1999

The highlight of abstraction started in the year 1984. Here, for  years FIAT only offered 5 strokes that were intended to symbolise the letters of the FIAT emblem:

The automobile drivers had  to inherently place the four letters between the strokes in their thoughts !

Year1984 - 2002

1995 brochure showing the highlight of abstraction. Already today the normal citizen does not recognize this sign as FIAT emblem.

In 2002 came the backwards flip. FIAT recalled its own history and re - affixed the traditionally familiar FIAT lettering, with the A bevelled top right, to the automobiles in a round plastic version, thus citing the emblem of 1925:

Year2002 - 2006

In 2014 the FIAT emblem was re-modernised. The plastic emblem now recieved a red background, which had already been used in the same way in the 1920s and 1930s. This emblem continues to be used today as well.

evolution to the recent plastic emblem ( middle )

Yearsince 2006
Now we have a look at FIAT special emblems:

FIAT  ISOTTA FRASCHINI radiator emblem


This radiator emblem is for sale. You just have to buy the whole machine, a FIAT chassis with ISOTTA FRASCHINI six cylinder engine. I saw this emblem on  a car offered at the BEAULIEU / ENGLAND swap meet 2013. They told me that the car is from 1905, so this should be one of the earliest enamelled radiator emblems ever made.  Or you buy for the asked price a nice apartement in down town LONDON....

This particular emblem was made by Bregonzio, a defunct radiator emblem factory in Italy. It is a prototype emblem that never found its way on a car radiator. I guess because a tree is not a symbol for motion or speed,....

reverse without makers mark
Size5.3 cm x 10.0 cm

FIAT also built buses and trucks. They often had a special emblem.

very early FIAT truck radiator with embossed lettering

Now this radiator has become a display area for even more FIAT emblems:

Some buses or trucks got their own emblem for example the Autocarri   TIPO 632, 634 or 635 ( 1933). Here the version made in aluminium.

large front emblem

Size7.5 cm x 14.0 cm

backside without makers mark

if you look closely you can see the painted radiator emblem on a painted brochure (1933)

enameled version of the emblem shown above

Size7.5 cm x 14.0 cm

manual showing the special bus / truck emblem

It is a pleasure to collect FIAT emblems. Even if your are collecting since years, you still find unknown FIAT emblems from special series. Here you see the letters FIAT in triangle with sunbeams behind.
Ever seen this emblem on a car ?
FIAT radiator emblem
Size5.4 cm x 4.2 cm

backside without makers mark

Another mysterious FIAT  emblem. I don´t know a second FIAT emblem with white and yellow stripes. Do you ?          I guess it is not prewar; maybe from the fifties or sixties. But it is worth to be mentioned here because of it´s rarity.
FIAT special series
Size5.7 cm x  8.3 cm

Here you see another FIAT emblem I couldn´t specify. The blue is (was) transparent as the red.
Who knows the type ?  Today I know that it is a front badge from FIAT buses of the ninteenfifties.

FIAT radiator emblem without makers mark

Size4.4 x  8.4 cm
Yearca. 1955

In the 1950s there was an assembly plant for the FIAT Topolino in the Netherlands. The vehicles built there were given an additional emblem on the back:

you can read: GEMONTEERD IN NEDERLAND = built in Netherland

1955 FIAT TOPOLINO emblem seen in Italy in 2013

part of my FIAT emblem collection

look at the black enameled emblem on top of the radiator. It is extremly rare

For more car and truck emblems see older posts or top right ( list of car makers ).
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  1. Very surprising to see the 1899-1901 Fiat emblem type not rated higher in rarity and collectibility as those badges are so infrequently see (at least in the U. S.). The 1899 emblem is a real cool find and thanks for showing it to us!

    Francis at

  2. only two stars ? The reason is that it is made of brass only, no enamel, only letters and numbers. There no special attraction for the collector but the age.

  3. Given the expert's explanation, the "two star" rating makes perfects sense. Please excuse my fondness for the simplistic . . . I have great appreciation for the simple sophisticated things in life and automobilia. Thank you for your time and clarification.