Dec 7, 2018


The two brothers Edouard et Maurice Ballot started the company  Etablissement Ballot in Paris in 1905. Before the Great War the factory concentrated on marine and industrial engines, therefore the anchor in the badge.

At least since 1911 they also produced automobile engines. A lot of different car makers as Delage,     La Licorne, Barré, Mass etc.  used Ballot engines.

From 1919 on the Etablissement Ballot built cars  themselves. These cars had a very sporty reputation.
Car production ceased in 1931 when Hispano Suiza bought the factory to build the Hispano "Junior".

Fire and flame for a BALLOT mascot

BALLOT emblem from a v-shaped radiator

Dimension 7.2 cm
Year 1925 - 1929

the backside was enameled to avoid tensions when cooling the emblem after the firing process

1928 advertisment proudly showing the vee- shaped radiator with emblem

this emblem was used on Ballot engines in Italy

The last years the emblem showed a red frame and the letters E B weren´t enameled anymore

Dimension 7.6 cm
Year 1930 - 1931

flat repro emblem using the wrong blue on the letter E. The  original blue is transparent !

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