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BRENNABOR / GERMANY ( 1907 - 1933 )

Founded in 1871 by Carl Reichstein the Brennabor - Werke were well known for baby buggies, bicycles and motorcycles. The plant was situated south of Berlin in Brandenburg / Havel.
Car production started in 1907. They began with a three-wheeler, called Brennaborette. It had a Fafnir engine. In 1909 they built their first 4-wheeler.
In the nineteentwenties  for a short time Brennabor became the biggest German car maker.
The peak years were 1927 and 1928. The last Brennabor car was built in 1933 but the firm continued to make bicycles and small motorcycles To my knowledge the first enameled radiator emblem was used after WW1 in 1919.

1912 Brennabor firewall emblem
8 cm x 5 cm

1914 advertisment still without emblem

the first enameled radiator emblem was flat

6.2 cm
Year1919 - 1922

A few years after the first use of the round  emblem showing the letter " B "  the design was patented:
1921 patent document

1922 advertisment showing the famous emblem

Brennabor of the mid-twenties

In books, magazines, on the Internet, everywhere you can read that BRENNABOR was the largest German car manufacturer until the mid-1920s. I therefore took the trouble to check this and put the result in my own statistics.  In doing so, I referred to the other very large German manufacturer, namely OPEL, for comparison, because all other manufacturers had even much smaller production figures. The result is indeed that Brennabor was the largest German manufacturer from 1920 to 1924.

statistic made by the author Claus H. Wulff, for more information about OPEL click here

In 1924 the emblem became vaulted:

the two brackets on top of the emblem are original to fix it ( repros don´t have the brackets )

5.6 cm x 5.0 cm
Year1923 - 1927

       backside of two originals   left: flat emblem           right: vaulted emblem

1927 advertisment saying: Your most ardent wish

the new 6-cylinder of 1928 with motor - meter, emblem and script

1927 advertisment for the 6-cylinder BRENNABOR

BRENNABOR 6 Cylinder radiator in my collection

1927 / 1928 bochure showing the new radiator

Brennabor hearse

1931 brochure for Brennabor commercial vehicles

In 1928 the new BRENNABOR Juwel showed a complex made new radiator emblem:

      5.8 cm  x  7.7 cm with frame   
 1928 - 1932


Pay attention,  there is a very bad repro made by Goede / Germany:

left:   repro                        right: original

                                          left: repro                                right: original with makers mark from
                                                                                          W. DEUMER LUEDENSCHEID

1928 advertisment showing the new emblem

once upon a time it had been a Brennabor Juwel emblem

another BRENNABOR JUWEL radiator emblem waiting for restoration

The Brennabor Juwel had a factory radiator mascot. If there is one for sale don´t hesitate to offer it to me

The last change of the BRENNABOR emblem was in 1933. The new emblem showed the weapon of the town of Brandenburg where the car was made:

this is the rarest of all Brennabor emblems ( one year only )

  6.4 cm x 6.0 cm


1933 brochure advertising the new model

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