Feb 2, 2019

MUCHOW / Germany

 MUCHOW / BERLIN /  GERMANY  ( 1928 -1931 )

The German ELITE Werke ( 1914 to 1929 see my post ELITE/GER  ) also built trucks.   A member of the management board,  Mr. Paul Muchow acquired the Berlin part of the premises during a financial crisis of ELITE in 1928.
There he built under his name convential and electric trucks especially for municipal street cleaning.
Production numbers are unknown.  It is doubtful that more than hundred trucks were produced.

large truck emblem
11.0 cm
1928 - 1931

backside with enamel to avoid tensions when cooling down the emblem after firing proces

1928 MUCHOW front with emblem

Dimension11.0 cm
Year1928 - 1929

flat reverse without makers mark

 MUCHOW  electric truck for street cleaning

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