Feb 16, 2019


LA PERLE / BOULOGNE sS / FRANCE ( 1922 - 1927 )

La Perle (= The Pearl ) was founded by Mr. Louis Lefevre in Boulogne-sur-Seine near Paris in 1913.
The first vehicle was a cyclecar with a vee-shaped radiator. A regular production with own engines started  in 1922. La Perle exhibited at the Paris Salon for the first time in 1924. Now they   offered four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines. They also had successes on the race track.  Production ceased in 1927.  Three cars have survived. If you believe the automobile historian Serge Pozzoli total production of all cars was less than hundred.

11.7 cm x   3.0 cm

 1922 - 1927 


backside without makers mark

contemporary  advertisment

La Perle race car. If you look closer you can even see the emblem


Great success in the first year (1922)



one of the rare advertisments, seen in a 1924 french magazine



details of the 6-cylinder LA PERLE engine


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