Mar 10, 2019


Frank B. Stearns built his first car in 1899, when he was only 17.  In 1911 the Stearns Company adopted the Daimler Knight sleeve-valve engine. The STEARNS - KNIGHT had a position as a high-priced prestige car. In 1925  WILLYS OVERLAND bought the company.  Production numbers are well documented. Their best year was 1916 when they sold 3,718 cars. Production ceased in 1929 after a total production of more than 50,000 cars in 29 years.

To my knowledge the first enameled radiator emblem was used in 1926:

3.8 cm x 5.8 cm 
1926 - 1928

backside of two original emblems:                                   left without  makers  mark                                                                                                                           right: with makers mark from THE G.FOX CO.

A short time later you find the same oval emblem but on the bottom you read STEARNS -KNIGHT:

All American cars using the license of a Knight engine had to add the  name "KNIGHT", therefore WILLYS KNIGHT, MOLINE KNIGHT,                HANDLEY KNIGHT,  R & V KNIGHT, FEDERAL KNIGHT, YELLOW KNIGHT and much more

4.2 cm x 5.3 cm 
1928 - 1929

STEARNS - KNIGHT backside without makers mark

Guess, which one is the KNIGHT emblem ?

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