Jul 5, 2019

RABA / Hungary

The Hungarian Company RABA is still in the automotive industry, well known for  products like chassis, axles, autoseats etc..
Before WWI they bought a licence from the Czech PRAGA Motor company to build the RABA GRAND. It is unlikely that they sold more than 1,000 (private ) cars, so this emblem is a very hard to find item. After WWI they specialized in trucks.

large RABA GRAND  radiator emblem

  9.5 cm

 1912 - 1914


reverse without makers mark

There was also a red version with white letters and a black border:

1919 advertisment showing the emblem

                            picture  from the vorkriegs-klassiker-rundschau.blog collection showing two RABA GRAND   

cutout showing the emblem and a mascot

 In the nineteentwenties the emblem became smaller. 
The background was white, while the letters and the border became blue:

Size5.7 cm

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