May 10, 2019


VERMOREL /  VILLEFRANCHE  / FRANCE   ( 1900 -  1930 )

The "Etablissements Vermorel" started already car production in 1900. The first car, with a two-cylinder 10hp  engine won a Gold medal at the exposition in Lyon. A serial production was established in 1908 / 1909.  The first Vermorel car with an oval brass radiator  emblem was seen in 1910. Car production ceased in 1930. In thirty years 7,800 cars were built.


very early VERMOREL ( c. 1903 ) without emblem or script

1910 VERMOREL type L (22CV) radiator with oval brass emblem

close up of the radiator with brass emblem

The first enameled radiator emblem was seen on the radiator in 1909. May be the brass and the enameled emblem were produced parallel to each other.
On the badge you find the  drawing of the car itself.  What a nice idea ( even if the same idea can be seen on radiator emblems from   REO,    ELGIN    MARION,   KISSEL  and some more.
This emblem is a highly sought - after item for any collector.

emblem with original fixing ring that was soldered on the radiator
  7.0 cm

 1909 - 1920


the emblem was printed on the brochure

The following photo is dated to December 12, 1916 and on the backside you can read:

Jeancolas et Charlotte Vermorel  !!!

1911 - 1914 VERMOREL  with round emblem and script

VERMOREL also sold cars to the UK:

1922 british advertisment

1924 French advertisment

1925 advertisment

In the mid - twenties VERMOREL cars had a radiator without emblem, the script was judged to be sufficient

1926 french advertisment


For the last VERMOREL car,  the type AD, the  emblem was modernized, now showing the signature of the founder, Victor Vermorel. Only few cars were built so this is another very hard to find item.

again I had to buy the whole radiator to get the emblem

8.3 cm x 4.7
1928 - 1930

part of my radiator exposition: OM, VERMOREL, DKW and LICORNE

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