Jan 26, 2020

HEIM / Germany

The Heim & Co, Badensche Automobilfabrik was founded by Franz Heim in Mannheim / Germany in 1921.          Before Franz Heim worked as an engineer . In 1921 he presented a sports car powerd by a 2086cc 4-cylinder engine. The next car had a 2385cc 6-cylinder engine with a detachable head and twin carburettors. There was no commercial succes and car production ceased in 1926. Production is thought to be less than 100 cars.

HEIM badge from a vee - shaped radiator

Size c. 8.0
Year1921 - 1926


backside without makers mark

1922 HEIM  advertisment

1923 advertisment showing the emblem only

very rare contemporary picture

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