Feb 7, 2020


Gustav Otto, the son of Nikolaus Otto, the inventor of the Otto Motor, was also a very activ engineer.
He started constructing light areoplanes.  Later he produced bicycles with small engines and motorcycles. In 1923 he decided to manufacture selected sporty cars using Mercedes aero-engines with 100 hp.  The factory was  registered as   "Starnberger Automobil Werk AG". In February 1924 his wife Ada Otto won the ADAC Winterfahrt Rallye with this car. But still the same year the factory had to declare insolvency. It is unlikely that more than 10 cars were sold.

OTTO emblem from the Hannu Aalto collection

Size 7.0 cm


flat backside, no makers mark

one of the rare contemporary photos

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  1. How intruiging to see the both the name Otto and Mercedes on the same emblem. Never seen before!