Mar 23, 2020

PRESTO / Germany

The PRESTO Werke were well known for 2-wheelers, bicycles and motorcycles before they started car production in Chemnitz / Saxony in 1901. The first models had a single cylinder engine.
In 1908 some prototypes started in the Prinz-Heinrich-Fahrt, a famous race at that time.
The production of a  home designed 4-cylinder car started in 1910. In their last year of existence they offered a six-cylinder engine. But the same year PRESTO was taken over by NAG and the six-cylinder model was offered as NAG - PRESTO.

very early PRESTO firewall emblem

Size  9.7 cm x 6.4 cm
Year1901  - 1904


1909 PRESTO showing a round emblem with wings

The next enameled emblem was round and you could read on it: Prestowerke AG  Chemnitz SA.
If have never seen an original emblem, so I can show you pictures only from both cars with emblems on the radiator.

PRESTO type P8/22  1910 - 1912 photo  collection Michael Schlenger  (Vorkriegs-Klassiker-Rundschau)                            

The next emblem is a 1912 truck emblem. From 1912 to 1927 PRESTO used a round emblem.  In the upper half of the emblem you can read PRESTO and in the bottom half you find the winged wheel over a cloud:

large PRESTO truck emblem

Size8.8 cm

Year 1912 - 1914


1912 PRESTO truck seen in a German museum

For a short time they used  emblems without the makers name, just showing the winged wheel over a cloud. I guess that it was used in combination with a radiator script.

  5.1 cm

There were some variations of this emblem concerning the colors and the size.

PRESTO emblem with chromed base
 6.3 cm 
 1925 - 1927

PRESTO car wash (photo collection Thomas Ulrich)

Emblem of a vee - shaped radiator

 6.4 cm 
 1921 - 1925 

PRESTO with vee - shaped radiator (photo collection T. Urich )

 In November 1926 PRESTO presented the first Six-cylinder model using the traditional emblem:

Page 1 of the 1926 / 1927 Six-cylinder brochure

 In November 1927 PRESTO was taken over by NAG and the Six-cylinder models were carried under the name NAG - PRESTO:

 3.8 cm x 5.6 cm resp.  6.1 cm x 7.5 cm
 1927 - 1928

There is also a repro emblem mady in Germany by Göde:

Look at the wrong colors on the bottom:  black and white only instead of black, white, green and grey

repro emblem with makers mark from Göde

 See more about NAG here.

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