Mar 27, 2020


The STAVER Carriage Company of Chicago was one of the biggest highwheelers manufacturers.
Production started in 1907.  In 1910 STAVER turned his manufacture over to four-cylinder conventional cars.
The emblem is showing a buck´s head with an arrow through its neck.
Their slogan was: THE STAVER IS A STAYER as you can read on the emblem.
Car production ceased in 1914 and the factory was sold to Partin-Palmer.

Size6.5 cm x 7.5 cm

Year 1910 - 1914


backside of an original emblem ( no makers mark )

1914 STAVER identification plate

1911 / 1912  STAVER ad showing the emblem

There was also a quite well made repro made by Harry Pulfer, but they used the wrong red color.
The original red was made with red burgundy vitrious enamel !

Repro made with opaque red color

left:  original emblem                  right:  Reproduction

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