May 23, 2020

FARMAN / France

FARMAN  / BILLANCOURT / FRANCE ( 1919 - 1931 )

The AUTOMOBILES  FARMAN were founded by three brothers in France in 1919. The years before the FARMAN brothers were very succesful in the aviation industry selling large  numbers of  their airplane while WWI.
In peacetime they had to find a new product. Like HISPANO SUIZA, VOISIN and other they entered the luxury car segment. In twelve years they sold not more than 120 cars, so the original emblem is a hard to find item.

1920 advertisment showing in the background the production plants for the airplane

very large radiator emblem attached to the radiator core made of thin brass sheet metal

Size 21.7 cm x 10.0 cm
Year1919 - 1931


backside without makers mark but still showing traces of old solder  ( attention : there repros on the market showing no wear at the backside of the emblem )

1922 Salon de l´Automobile Paris

The FARMAN also had a radiator mascot showing the flying ICARUS

sales brochure showing proudly the emblem

brochure with mascot

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  1. One of my favourite emblems, although produced without enamel! Isn't there also a second version with only the word FARMAN?

    Btw, the story of the FARMAN radiator mascot as well as that of many other car manufacturers can be read in the new bilingual book "Kühlerfiguren klassischer Automobile 1909-1939", which is a great journey through the history of brand-related prewar hood ornaments.