May 17, 2020

BIGNAN / France

The Automobiles BIGNAN was founded  by Jacques Bignan in Courbevoie near Paris in 1918.
Yet the first cars were assembled in the GREGOIRE factory and were sold in England by Malcom Campell under the name Gregoire - Campell.
BIGNAN cars came to be made in immense and confusing varities but to my knowledge there were only three different emblems. They all showed a flying  stork  and a circle.
The first years the car was called BIGNAN SPORT and the stork wings were larger than the circle:


  13.0 cm x 10.0 cm

Poster of  the 1921 BIGNAN SPORT

emblem with stork wings inside the outer circle

  9.0 cm 
 1923 - 1926 

1923 advertisment with stork flying through the circle

In 1926 Automobiles Bignan collapsed and were sold to Societé La Cigogne. Now you can read La Cigone on the front of the emblem:

left:   La Cigogne                                            right: BIGNAN

When looking at the backside of these two emblems you recognize that the new owner still used the old emblems. They just soldered a disk with the new name over the old name !!!

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