Aug 14, 2020

WIKOV / Czech republic

The WIKOV car company is a quite unknown Czech car manufacturer who was active in the automobile business from 1925 to 1937. At that time you found seven Czech car manufacturer: TATRA, PRAGA, SKODA (click here), AERO, ZETKA (click here), WALTER and WIKOV.  The WIKOV was the smallest one with a market-share of around 1 % only in its own country !

 In 12 years they built less than one thousand cars. Nevertheless there are still more than 20 WIKOV automobiles in existence.

The WIKOV company ( short form of the two names of the founders WICHTERLE and KOVARIK ) presented their  first car in 1925 that was inspired by the Italian ANSALDO ( ANSALDO emblems click here. The WIKOV car had a radiator script only but no emblem:

contemporary photo showing the radiator without emblem


The emblem on top of the advertisment was never on a car


Finally in 1929 / 30 you find the first emblem on top of the radiator shell:

WIKOV typ 7/28 - 353 seen in a Czech museum

Original emblem showing  traces of 90 years

Original WIKOV emblem of my collection

  3.5 cm x 4.4 cm
 1929 - 1935

backside without makers mark

In 1931 WIKOV proudly presented a stream - lined experimental car, the typ 35 - 606, called "KAPKY", that means drop in the Czech language.

WIKOV on the 1931 automobile exposition

This experimental car had a large round front emblem:

this car was reconstructed in 2012 including the front badge

There was also a round emblem in the middle of some hub caps:

WIKOV aluminium badge on the motor block

From 1932 onwards there was also a radiator mascot on some models typ 40

For more emblems see older posts or top right ( list of car makers ).

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