Aug 29, 2020


 CLAVEAU AUTOBLOC  ( 1926 - 1955 )

The French man Emile Claveau was a  very innovative constructor in the motoring field.

He founded the AUTOMOBILE CLAVEAU in Paris in 1926 when he was 34 years old.

He showed a very unconventional light car at the Brussels Motor Show in December 1926. This car had a rear mounted 1100 cc flat-four engine, no fenders but two radiators, one on the right side and one on the left side  behind the door. He called it the AUTOBLOC.

He showed this car again in Paris in 1927. He even advertised this car in the "French Automobile & Allied Trades Exporter" but it is doubtful that he sold a single car so the AUTOBLOC emblem is a very,very rare item .

 In 1930 he presented a completly new designed front wheel driving car with front engine. His next project was presented to the public in 1946. It was a four door streamlined saloon with a 2292cc V8 engine. The last project was seen in 1955 when he showed a two door saloon.

None of his cars went in regular production  as he had no facilities for manufactures. I guess he tried to sell licenses.

Size12.2 cm x 3.5 cm
Year1926- 1927


backside without makers mark

CLAVEAU AUTOBLOC seen in Paris at the 1927 Motor Show

close up of the front with emblem AUTOBLOC and script CLAVEAU

CLAVEAU 6CV french advertisment

1927 CLAVEAU  7CV advertisment

details of the CLAVEAU AUTOBLOC

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  1. And yet another amazing discovery! Have not heard about AUTOBLOC before. Very nice to see original photos of this unconventional car at the motor show and the rough shape of the emblem on its hood. Just great!