Nov 27, 2020


The Frenchman Paul GENESTIN was already active in the automobile business before he founded his own company in 1919. He ordered chassis, engines etc. from suppliers and used them to assemble pleasing and reliable vehicles.  His factory was located in Northern France in the town of Fourmies near the Belgian border. This was also the reason why he managed to sell some vehicles to Belgium. In 10 years he built about 100 vehicles only. Paul Genestin died in 1934 in Morocco, to where he had emigrated  after the closure of his factory.

 The first vehicles had a vee - shaped radiator with a script on it, but no emblem yet.

advertisment showing the vee -shaped radiator with script

The first ( and last enameled ) emblem appeared on the 1928 vehicle:

Like many car manufacturers, Paul Genestin chose a lion as his trademark.

Sizec 12.0 cm (with wings) x 5.0 cm
Year1928 - 1929

1928 brochure front page with emblem

At that time GENESTIN offered 4 and 6 cylinder models.

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