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The French man Alphonse Bayard, who had already made a fortune in the bicycle and tyres field, started car production in  Levallois - Perret ( near Paris ) in 1899.  In 1903 A. Clement founded a new company and named it Clement - Bayard.  He chose the name Bayard after the 16th-century hero, Pierre du Terrail, named  Chevalier  Bayard who had saved the town of Mézières from the Duke of Nassau in 1521. So it seems almost logical that from now on all car emblems showed the Chevalier in  different versions. In 1922 the factory was taken over by Citroen. In its 20 years of history Clement built about 10.000 cars.

1904 advertisment showing an emblem with a rooster

 The first cars had a script only showing the name:   A. Clement , no emblem yet.

To my knowledge the following emblem was the first real radiator emblem. It was painted and not enameled:

here again the French rooster on the emblem


When A. CLEMENT became CLEMENT BAYARD in 1903 they also changed the design of the emblem. Near the factory in Mezieres stood the statue of the knight of Pierre du Terrail, also called the knight Bayard. Obviously, Mr. A. Clement was so impressed that he gave the company and himself that name. So it was not surprising that the new emblem showed the knight Bayard.

Original of the statue on a contemporary postcard

th first rectangulaire BAYARD emblem was quite simple

To my surprise there was also an enameled version of the rectangulaire emblem:

Size3.8 cm x 7.0 cm

backside without makers mark

CLEMENT BAYARD also exported to England and Germany:

1911 British advertisment


German advertisment for the French BAYARD

At the same time CLEMENT had a factory in  in West London where vehicles were assembled and marketed as British built:   CLEMENT MOTOR COMPANY  ( see advertisment ):

1911 advertisment  for the British Clement

In 1907 Clement changed the construction of his automobiles. Now the radiator was behind the motor ( dash board radiator ) and they used a hood like Renault. This hood was called alligator hood because of its special shape.

On this hood you find the Chevalier de Bayard with the name BAYARD under his feets:

Size5.7 cm x 12.0cm
Year1907- 1914

Size4.7 cm x 9.7 cm
Year1918 - 1922


Not to forget,  CLEMENT BAYARD also built light trucks ( see following ad ):

I was told that this a (CLEMENT) BAYARD truck emblem, but there is no evidence yet.

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