Dec 27, 2020


BOVY / BRUSSELS / BELGIUM  ( 1902 - 1952 )

 The "ATELIERS DE CONSTRUCTIONS MECANIQUES ALBERT BOVY" were founded at Brussels / Belgium in 1902. The first BOVY cars were seen at the Brussels Auto Salon in 1904.

BOVY specialised in commercial vehicles. A number  of well known companies such as Artois, the Belgian Post Office and the army used BOVY trucks. In the early 1920s the company became the "SA DES AUTOMOBILES BELGES".  In 1927 this company chose as emblem an anvil and the words:


A. Bovy died in  1929 and the company was taken over by BROSSEL,  another famous Belgian Company. In 1930 BROSSEL took over the next Belgian Company, the PIPE Automobiles.  From that point on the trucks were marketed as BOVY - PIPE.  Fore more information about BROSSEL click here.

The last truck with the BOVY - PIPE emblem on the hood appeared in 1952,  then the doors of the company were closed forever.

c. 6.0 cm

Yearc. 1925


backside without makers mark, but enameled to avoid tensions when cooling the emblem after the fire process

1925 french advertisment showing the truck and top right a mascot, used only for a short time

close up of the mascot

 1930 BOVY type DS - 6 with round emblem and a radiator mascot figuring an anvil

BOVY light truck used by the Belgian Post

1950 - 1952  BOVY - PIPE truck

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