Dec 29, 2020


The three Belgium brothers Louis, Henri and Paul Brossel started in the automotive industry as early as 1912.They initially ran a repair shop for trucks. After the First World War, they sold the Swiss truck brand Arbenz ( for more information about Arbenz click here ). In 1925, they brought out their first own truck. There was a French Aster engine installed. In 1928 they founded a new company, the:

 " Automobiles Industriels Brossel Freres SA " .

 As emblem they chose in 1928 the Congolese five-pointed star and the emblem bore the Congolese colors of blue and gold. Later the five-pointed star was also used as a radiator mascot. At that time, the Congo was a Belgian colony, which explains this choice.


6.2 cm
Year1928 - 1939


There is also repro in a smaller size and with a flat backside:

left : original                         right :  repro

left :   original                   right :  repro


contemporary ad showing one of the the first trucks

BROSSEL six cylinder 1931 - 32 radiator with mascot


 In 1949, the Belgian Army put out to tender an order for 4,000 medium-tonnage trucks. A consortium of the Belgian companies FN, MIESSE and BROSSEL was awarded the contract. This type 62C truck was built from 1950 to 1952 and received an aluminum emblem showing all three brand names:

large truck badge

  23.2 cm x 17.5 cm

1950- 1952


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