Jun 3, 2021


 DÜRKOPP / BIELEFELD / GERMANY  ( 1897 - 1929 )

Already in 1867 the German Nikolaus Dürkopp opened a workshop for the production and repair of sewing machines.

The workshop then developed into a factory and Nikolaus Dürkopp began producing bicycles in 1883.In 1897 the construction of automobiles began.  The aim was to build automobiles that were as solid and durable as possible. Thus the Dürkopp automobiles gained a good reputation, but only produced small quantities.  Automobile manufacturing remained a loss-making business, which is why the construction of cars was abandoned in 1927 and trucks in 1929. In 30 years around 3,500 cars were built.

The first DÜRKOPP vehicles had no emblem:  here I present you a photo showing a 1906 DÜRKOPP.

This car was the first vehicle ever delivered to Honduras in 1906.


early DÜRKOPP radiator emblem in the art deco style



1908 radiator of the DÜRKOPP type NG 13/40



1912 radiator with embossed script

1912 DÜRKOPP with the radiator shown above

 The following emblems of the company are showing a water - tower of the factory premises in Bielefeld,  which unfortunately has already been demolished.

On the emblems you can see the tower ( orange arrow ), which became the symbol of the company.

The first enameled radiator emblem appeared in 1914:

emblem without  makers mark

Size7.0 cm x 6.4 cm

DÜRKOPP KNIPPERDOLLING radiator of my collection

You find this emblem also on a 1917 sales brochure:

To my knowledge  the color of the emblem changed to a transparent blue in 1919.  There were also three holes to rivet it  to the radiator shell.

with makers mark from Josef Preissler Pforzheim
Size7.0 cm x 6.4 cm
Year1924 - 1927

1921 advertisment with DUERKOPP emblem

DÜRKOPP with v - shaped radiator  ( photo collection Thomas Ulrich )

There was also a repro made by Goede / Germany which is made of acrylic:

left:  original               right: repro


One of the last DÜRKOPP automobiles, registered in Berlin, driven by  Ex-crownprince Wilhelm, the eldest son of the German Emperor ( Kaiser ), ( photo made by Associated Press in 1932 )

For a short time there was also an enameled hood ornament:

Three emblems on one radiator, that´s what I like !

look at the details of the tower

Size9.4 cm x 8.4 cm (emblem only
Yearc. 1914


backside with makers mark from JOSEF PREISSLER PFORZHEIM

small DÜRKOPP emblem on an alternator plate

 rare DÜRKOPP hubcap of the nineteentwenties

As DÜRKOPP became famous for their bicycles I show you also an enameled bicycle emblem:

semi - circular bicycle emblem

For more emblems see older posts or top right ( list of car makers ).

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