Mar 28, 2021


DE VECCHI / ITALY (  1905 - 1917 )

On November 24, 1905, Giuseppe De Vecchi and Ettore Strada founded the automobile brand "De Vecchi, Strada & C." The first vehicle they presented at the Turin Motor Show was a 4 cylinder 10/12 HP car, which was built for two years in very small numbers. 

In 1908 this company was liquidated and re-established as De Vecchi & C..

In 1913 De Vecchi & C. also participated in the Targa Florio race in Sicily.

After the entry of Italy into the First World War, the company decided to build military equipment, ambulances, etc.. In 1917, the activities ceased completely.

It is estimated that about 2000 vehicles were built in total. However, there are no exact figures.

From the beginning, the emblem of this brand shows two hands clasping a steering wheel:

very rare chassis plate of the first DE VECCHI STRADA (1905 - 1906)

  11.2 cm x 5.9 cm 
 1905 - 1906 

Re-enameled emblem

8.0 cm 
Year1907 - 1917
Estimate f

original blank of a DE VECCHI radiator emblem


1909 advertisment showing the emblem

DE VECCHI serving the Italian army




another advertisment showing the famous emblem


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