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 METALLURGIQUE / BELGIUM ( 1899 - 1927 )

The METALLURGIQUE Construction  Co. was founded in Marchienne-au-Pont (Central Belgium ) in 1880. This company was active in the railway branche.

The first METALLURGIQUE automobile  was shown in Paris in December 1899. A regulary production started a year later . The factory started a racing  career in 1905 with multiple success, notably at the Coupe Herkomer, the Kaiserpreis, Circuit des Andennes, Brooklands etc..

Also in 1905 the company logo was registered, a six branch star, containing the letters MM ( for Métallurgique - Marchienne ) .

At the Brussels salon in 1908 the first METALLURGIQUE vehicle was presented, that was fitted with a Vee-shaped radiator, that would soon become very famous. It was the first car in the world to be sold with a Vee-shaped radiator !  Inspired by METALLURGIQUE  numerous other car makers were using Vee-shaped radiators. As a result, the company placed advertisements in 1913 indicating that the radiator design had been patented. Legal action was even announced in the event of imitation. 

In fact, this design was so unique that METALLURGIQUE  used radiator emblems on flat radiators.

To my knowledge, only two ( enameled ) emblems were used during the 27 years of the company's existence.

Six branch star emblem containing the letters MM (for Métallurgique - and the town Marchienne  )

Size 7.5 cm
Year1906 - 1907

contemporary photo showing a flat radiator with the  six branch star emblem

flat backside without makers mark
1907 METALLURGIQUE with engine from MAYBACH for sale in Essen / Germany in 2023.

the letters MM are not for METALLIRGIQUE / MAYBACH because the MAYBACH motor was installed later (1919)


To my knowledge three foreign car manufacturers bought a licence to build METALLURGIQUE vehicles. In France the car maker GILLET-FOREST, in Germany the car maker BERGMANN of Berlin and in Austria the car maker Österr. DEUTZ-Autowerke:

1911 advertisment showing the patented radiator

1921 advertisment showing the MM badge

contemporary photo showing the patented V-shaped raditor with Métallurgique script, but without emblem

The famous Belgian carrossier VAN DEN PLAS also advertised with a METALLURGIQUE, perfectly recognizable by its patented radiator.

Original METALLURGIQUE emblem, I think it was used before the V-shaped radiator became the distinguishing feature.

Size 8.0 cm x 5.5 cm
Yearc. 1914 

backside of the original METALLURGIQUE emblem


 But there was also a semicircular emblem in this design, which was located on the water filler neck of the radiator:

photo Klaas Dierks collection via Vorkriegsklassiker - Blog



1921 advertisment showing the famous MM emblem and a stylish roadster

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