Apr 18, 2021


 CEIRANO / ITALY ( 1919 - 1924 )

The history of the Italian CEIRANO automobiles is as confusing as the family chronicle of the Ceiranos themselves. Under "Ceirano" ran in Italy automobiles of different origin. A first automobile built by the Ceirano brothers came into being as early as 1901, a Renault vehicle built under license.

In 1904, this company was dissolved, but Giovanni Ceirano and his son Ernesto shortly afterwards established a new company that marketed the vehicles under the name SCAT.
Then in 1919 vehicles were built again under the old name CEIRANO. In 1924 the production of CEIRANO cars ceased and the car was sold under the SCAT name. In 1929 FIAT took over the SCAT company.

To my knowledge the blue enameled emblem was the first emblem used in 1919 / 1920

Size 8.2 cm x 4.9 cm
Year1919 - 1920 

1920 CEIRANO emblem with modernized letter design

Size 10.2 cm x 5.2 cm
Year1920 - 1921 

contemporary photo showing a CEIRANO with oval emblem

1920 advertisment

In 1921 a new emblem was mounted on the radiator shell:

the last CEIRANO radiator emblem was made of two pieces

 13.5 cm x 4.2 with wings
Year1921 - 1924

to my knowledge this is a repro emblem because the oval insert has a flat backside

original insert of the CEIRANO emblem with wings

CEIRANO type 150 S  seen in Italy in 2019

radiator with emblem and motometer

The CEIRANO was also built under licence in Great Britain and Germany.

In the U.K. this car was sold as NEWTON CEIRANO and in Germany as MÖLKAMP CEIRANO.

Both marques sold only few vehicles. They were too expensive. It can be assumed that not a single vehicle of the German - Italian brand has survived.  In England, at least, one vehicle has survived. Both marques used the oval Italian radiator emblem, only the chassis plate was changed.

1926 type sheet showing the Mölkamp Ceirano (right column, second from top )

red emblem in the advertisment but never on cars

1925 British chassis plate

part of my CEIRANO collection

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