Apr 5, 2021


SIMPLEX AUTOMOBILE CO.  ( 1907 - 1919 )


The SIMPLEX AUTOMOBILE CO of New York is not to be confused with the AMERICAN SIMPLEX. 

The history of the SIMPLEX AUTOMOBILE Company began in 1907 when the textile importer Mr. Herman Broesel bought the company S & M Simplex. The chief engineer there, Mr. Edward Franquist, developed a car with a powerful 4-cylinder engine, the first car called SIMPLEX 50. It sold well with more than 250 units.

In 1914 the company purchased the CRANE Motor Car Company . Now the company entered the luxury segment and offered chassis at a price of  $ 5, 000 and more.

Only 467 CRANE - SIMPLEX cars were built and production ceased after WWI in 1919.

1908 advertisment showing the bestseller SIMPLEX "FIFTY"

The next advertisment is showing a SIMPLEX emblem in the shape of a triangle. You can see that the eagle is fully detailed, still missing the word "CRANE" !


this emblem was probably mounted on the hubcap.


After the purchase of the CRANE Motor Company the radiator emblem was updated. Now you can read "CRANE" on the eagle:


Sizec. 8.0 cm x 5.0 cm
Year1914 - 1919 


backside without makers mark

this emblem was probably mounted on the hubcap.

Size 6.1 cm
Year1915 - 1919 


backside with makers mark from WHITEHEAD & HOAG CO. NEWARK N.J.

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