Jul 16, 2018

Fürst Stolberg Hütte / Germany

I´m sure you have never heard of a car manufacturer called " FÜRST STOLBERG HÜTTE " located in Ilsenburg / Germany.
Neither did I before I found this incredible radiator emblem. You can read  "Ilse" on it, a German prename of a women ( a little bit out of time ) . Also it is  the first word of the name of the town "Ilsenburg" where the factory was located.
In a German book  - published in 1975 -   you can read that it is not sure if they realized a regular car production. But it is sure that they printed brochures and that there was a real radiator emblem ( may be from a prototype ?).

9.4 cm x  6.9 cm

official sales brochure of 1927

flat backside without makers mark

Ilse emblem before soft restoration as some philistine drilled two holes in it

copy of the official German handbook listing all car producer in 1927

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