Oct 15, 2021

MONO Werke Automobil- und Maschinenfabrik / GERMANY

MONO / HAMBURG / GERMANY  ( 1909 - 1912 )

The MONO automobile factory was located in Hamburg, in northern Germany. It was a short lived company   (  1909 - 1912 ). It can be assumed that very few vehicles were built, because if the company had been only halfway successful, it would have produced at least until 1914, in Europe the beginning of the First World War.

 During that time, only one type of vehicle was offered, a 4-cylinder with 6/16 hp. Not a single vehicle survived.   But at least 2 emblems still exist:

             unrestored original                       

c. 12.0 cm x 5.5 cm

1909- 1912


one of the rare documents concerning the MONO vehicle

restored MONO emblem

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