Oct 15, 2021

BADENIA Automobilwerke AG / GERMANY


BADENIA Automobilwerke AG was a short-lived automobile manufacturer that existed  in Ladenburg near Mannheim / Germany between 1923 and 1925.
The BADENIA car had a 6 cylinder 2 liter engine with  40 hp. Probably an engine of the company HAG (Hessische Automobil Gesellschaft) was used, because there were personal connections in the board of these two companies. The BADENIA works had rented a part of the premises of BENZ und Söhne after the latter had given up production. Because the 6-cylinder car sold very poorly, the company switched to producing a three wheeled cyclecar called MOPS ( German for pug ! ).  But also the small car sold very badly, so  production ceased in 1925.
Neither a BADENIA car nor a MOPS small car survived. 

However, at least two emblems from both types of vehicles have survived:



7.5  cm x 5.8 cm
Year1923 - 1924



                                                          backside without makers mark


At least this chassis is documented ( see the radiator with the particular emblem ).



Now to the MOPS cyclecar:


    on the small cardboard you can read  ( in german ):  last hope of the BADENIA company: the MOPS


                                                emblem with two original holes to fix it


6.5 cm x  5.0  cm

backside without makers mark


one of the rare contemporary photos showing the MOPS tricycle with central headlight

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