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The NEWTON BENNETT was a car sold in Manchester, England, between 1911 and 1914, but manufactured in Italy.

John Bennett was a Manchester car dealer who sold cars locally made by Belsize Motors but also for several French brands. Later he founded the  Newton & Bennett Ltd. In 1907 they became agents for the Italian SCAT:

1912 advertisment of NEWTON & BENNETT for the Italian SCAT automobile

SCAT imported by NEWTON & BENNETT LTD.  ( firewall emblem)


John Bennett was obviously convinced of the superior quality of Italian automobiles that he decided to have his own car built in Italy. Therefor he sent R.O. Harper to Turin to help develop a car specifically for sale by Newton-Bennett but only a prototype was built.

Instead, they bought a factory in Turin, the VALT.  R.O Harper conceived a car that would be branded Newton-Bennett.  Production ceased in 1914/15 already and the factory was purchased by DIATTO.

 Between 500 and 1,000 cars are thought to have been made.

The letters N and B in the oval obviously stand for Newton & Bennett

 16.0 cm x 6.2 cm

1912- 1915



backside of the N.O.S. emblem made by Bregonzio / Italy

I remember  that until 2018 in the museum in Beaulieu / England in a pile of scrap metal was a dismantled radiator of N & B. But one day he was gone. At least I had taken a photo:



1914 front page of a sales brochure


Five years after WWI  Newton restarted and built the NEWTON TEN. This  car was advertised  with a 1086 cc engine and twin overhead camshafts:

Since the factory facilities had been sold to Diatto in 1914, I suspect that the NEWTON TEN and emblem were now produced in England.

c. 12.0 cm x 5.5 cm

1923- 1925


backside without makers mark

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