Nov 5, 2021


In 1907 George Hanson opened a bicycle store in Griffin , Georgia, and soon began selling Franklin automobiles. Ten years later the HANSON Motor Company was founded by George W. Hanson and M. Ferguson in Atlanta / Georgia in December 1917.  In the early twenties, he approached the idea of making a small, low-priced car for the South. With the help of Don Ferguson  he began designing in February 1917 the first Hanson car, a 5-passenger tourer with a Continental 7R six-cylinder engine.

"Tested and proved in the South" was his slogan, although the factory was in Detroit, the company´s registered office was in Atlanta. 

In 1925 Hanson closed the business. It is believed that a total of 1,800 vehicles were produced and most of them were sold in Atlanta and other parts of Georgia.

7.0 cm x 5.3 cm

1918  - 1925


backside without makers mark

"TESTED AND PROVED IN THE SOUTH"  1920 advertisment

The HANSON emblem has an unusual shape with an unusual outline. Therefore, I asked myself the question, what it shows or means. It does not show a map of Georgia or Atlanta as I first thought. The solution came closer when I included in my thoughts that the vehicle was built specifically for the South. And what is typical for the southern states ? The cotton production !  The emblem shows a cotton flower:

left:  cotton flower               right:  HANSON emblem

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