Nov 6, 2021


ALFA ROMEO ( 1910 - today )

When ALFA was founded in 1910, the directors of the company chose two well-known emblems of the Lombard capital as their trademark:

The red cross of the Milan banner and the coat of arms of the Visconti family, a snake with a man in its mouth.

These symbols that are different from each other in meaning but became one of the most famous badges in the automotive world.  A design, except for small changes, to remain unchanged in all these years.

Around 1915, the Ing. Nicola Romeo joined the company, but it was not until 1920 that the Emblem also bore his name.

In February 2020, I was able to photograph this vehicle in Paris, which had an emblem with the initials of Nicola Romeo mounted on the radiator:


A new appearing emblem on a special car. This vehicle was reconstructed in Argentinia.           Nevertheless an  exceptional and rare emblem.



1910 firewall emblem in the art - deco style



All letters in brass.   The two side knots are the symbols of the Savoy monarchy.

6.5 cm
Year1910- 1912



   This strange looking emblem is bent; the diameter is 6.0 cm only.                                                                                                                                    I have no idea where and when it was used.  I guess it was a protype emblem because it was part of the Bregonzio collection liquidated in 2009

The original Alfa shield underwent its first modification in 1912, when the brass letters became thicker and white with a gold outline. Moreover, the two Savoy knots were strengthened and the snake was simplified.

In 1915 Nicola Romeo takes over the company and three years later, at the end of the First World War, the word ALFA is replaced by the words "ALFA ROMEO".


As far as I know, this is a prototype emblem, also from Bregonzio, which was not used on the vehicles at the time. It is noticeable that the word ALFA was written very large and the newly added name ROMEO very small. In fact, an emblem was then chosen where both names were written in the same capital.

early ALFA  ROMEO emblem ( before 1925 )

The emblem, therefore, remains unchanged until 1925. All emblems of the 1918 - 1925 period had a diameter of 6.5 cm.

 ALFA ROMEO vehicle with script on the radiator ( at the 1920 Milan Automobile Exposition )

no emblem, but what a surrealistic advertisment from René Magritte for ALFA ROMEO in 1924

1925 - 1930:

After winning the first world championship in 1925, the emblems received a silver laurel wreath, so that the diameter of the entire emblem now amounted to 7.5 cm.

1924 ALFA - ROMEO advertisment

1926 french advertisment still showing the emblem with knots

Have you ever seen an advertisement for automobiles where the emblem is shown rotated ? Neither have I to date.  But that's exactly what happened in a 1929 advertisment:

I have reproduced the error with an emblem to illustrate it.

1930 - 1945:

The silvern laurel wreath was reduced and now the emblems had a diameter of 6.0 cm.

6.0 cm
Year1930 - 1945

A curiosity: in 1932 the unusual writing "ALFA - ROMEO PARIS" appeared on the cars destined for France. A very sought after emblem !

6.0 incl laurel wreath

incredible detailed snake on the ALFA ROMEO PARIS emblem

Don´t forget: ALFA ROMEO also built trucks ( 1931 advertisment )

At the beginning of WWII ALFA ROMEO offered a truck ( type 800)  with this particularly large  emblem.

flat reverse; no makers mark

9.2  cm 

 1940 - 1947


1946 - 1950 

With the fall of the monarchy, the two "Savoy" knots are eliminated and in their place are drawn two waves. From 1946 to 1950 some models had a badge with a new graphic look and embossed writings and figures on a ( often red colored ) background. We find this emblem also on the post war ALFA ROMEO truck, Tipo 900.

large brass emblem

10.2  cm  
Year1946 - 1950

unrestored ALFA ROMEO with brass emblem

1949 advertisment showing the brass emblem with red background

1950 - 1960

Since 1950 the emblem was enameled again in its original colors and the laurel wreath has been thinned, as you can see here:

5.5  cm  
Year1950 - 1960

1960 - 1971

Since 1960 the emblem is made of plastic, the wreath is chromed:

When collecting ALFA ROMEO emblems you often find unusual emblems.  

Here you see a very, very rare rectangular ALFA ROMEO emblem. It is from the Bregonzio collection
(Milano / Italy) liquidated in 2009.

ALFA ROMEO emblem, flat reverse, no maker´s mark 
6.1 cm x 3.7

The next very unusual emblem:

prototype emblem from the Bregonzio collection ( liquidated in 2009 )

6.0 cm x8.9 cm

another prototype emblem from the Bregonzio collection

another rarity:  ALFA ROMEO emblem without words or letters

This  emblem was made by the  Fadisa company that built the Romeo 2 van under license in Spain / Madrid.

ROMEO 2´ VAN  (type F12) with normal (italian) emblem

Export emblem for the South American market

impressive ALFA ROMEO emblem collection

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  1. Dear Mr Wulff,
    the Fadisa emblem has nothing to do with the Arabian market. It is the emblem of the Madrid-based company Fabricación de Automóviles Diésel, S.A. (Fadisa) which built the Romeo 2 van under license in Spain. The fnm-Logo belongs to the Brazilian Fábrica Nacional de Motores (FNM) which built Alfa Romeo-based cars and trucks.

  2. Dear Mr Wulff,
    The "NR-Nicola Romeo" car is a recreation designed and built in 2014-17 by "Pur Sang" (Argentina), with an original motor Isota-Fraschini. More information in:

  3. The original motor is indeed an Isotta-Fraschini "V6" (it's an in-line 6 despite the confusing moniker), but Nicola Romeo had a license contract for building them at the very end of the war. I understand this is one of the few actually built. Otherwise indeed the car is a modern creation, no such thing ever existed then.