Nov 19, 2021


 SELVE / GERMANY  ( 1919  - 1929 )

 SELVE - Automobilwerke  AG was founded by Dr. Walther von Selve, who was already known for his merits in the introduction of light metal in automobile and aircraft construction.

In 1919, he acquired the SPERBER works in Hameln, which had already been successful with small cars before the First World War.

The company "Basse und Selve" from Altena / Westphalia produced the engines, which were also used by other manufacturers, e.g. Beckmann / Silesia and Mannesmann-Mulag.

Aluminum pistons were used in the engines installed at SELVE.

 The Basse & Selve engine manufacturer had its own emblem, in which, however, the triple star of the SELVE - Automobilwerke  was already visible:

advertisment of the Basse & Selve motor factory

emblem of the SELVE engine factory, located in Altena / Westphalia

8.3 cm x 8.5 cm
Year1919 onwards

another advertisment showing the triple star

In ten years about 3,000 SELVE vehicles were built.

All automobiles built from 1923 onwards had an oval radiator emblem:

oval emblem on a V - shaped radiator

Size 10.0 cm x 7.1 cm
Year1923 - 1927 

In the 1920s, telegrams were the fastest form of written message transmission. The text was printed out at the receiving station and handed over to the addressee. The paper required for this was sometimes printed with advertisements on the reverse side. Below I show the back of a telegram with SELVE advertising printed on it:

The emblem was registered and patented in 1919

1923 advertisment

1923 brochure ( front page ) for the 1921 SELVE type 6/24 and 8/30

1926 advertisment for the new 6-cylinder SELVE

 flat SELVE SELECTA emblem ( before all emblems were slightly vaulted )

Size 10.0 cm x 7.1 cm
Year1928 - 1929 

Here you can read that the company opened a representative branch in Berlin in 1923.

photo of the Klaas Dierks collection published in:

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