Dec 10, 2021


 OMIKRON  / OMEGA ( 1921 -1925 ) Berlin / Germany

 No, you will not be infected by the OMIKRON virus if you read through this post.
This post is dangerous only insofar as it deals with vintage cars, which can be a contagious hobby.
OMIKRON is an obscure factory in the sense that very little is known about this brand. Most importantly, no vehicle has survived. The only part that still exists is the radiator  in my collection.

Fritz Hüttner's OMEGA Kleinautofabrik GmbH built a cyclecar, modeled like big car,  with a four-cylinder water-cooled engine in Berlin Charlottenburg.  The three-seater car had spoked wheels.

In five years about 432 cars were built ( source:  ).

collectors dream:  two emblems on a v-shaped radiator

Size6.5 cm
Year1921 - 1925


18 years before the first Batman comic: a bat with human face !

one of the rare contemporary photos ( photo collection Thomas Ulrich)

Short report about the newly released Omikron car in the 1922 book:  Kleinkraftfahrzeuge von Klasing

another contemporary photo: it seems that the OMIKRON had a mascot ( see also photo above )

1922 advertisment. Look at the licence plate: the same number as in the first photo above

the radiator was offered  at a flea market in 2008

v - shaped radiator with v - shaped central emblem ( photo collection Thomas Ulrich )

an OMIKRON race car in the 1923 AVUS run in Berlin

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