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HANOMAG ( 1925 - 1970 )

Hannoversche Maschinenbau AG ( = HANOMAG ) was already founded as an iron foundry and machine factory by Georg Egestorff in 1835. Over the years, the manufacture of locomotives, steam boilers, chain tugs, etc. was added. It was not until 1925 that automobile manufacturing was added.

After the Second World War, the production of passenger cars was not resumed. Only prototypes of a HANOMAG Partner were produced, which never went into series production. However, the construction of commercial vehicles continued.  HANOMAG and HENTSCHEL merged in 1969, but already one year later Mercedes took over the company. The end of the production of vehicles with the name HANOMAG was in 1975.

The first HANOMG was a curious small vehicle with a central headlight, two seats, a 1-cylinder engine and a rear axle without differential. Nevertheless, it became a great sales success, 15,775 units were sold. It had a brass emblem above the central headlight centered on the body, which showed the vehicle itself in silhouette:

This brass emblem was fixed above the central headlight  on the body and showed the vehicle itself in silhouette.

  7.6 cm x 3.5 cm
1925 - 1928

Flat backside without makers mark

1927 advertisment: big car or small women, that´s the question !

the emblem design was patented in 1925

there was a second design which shows the silhouette also, but the letters underneath the car

1927 advertisment

A now conventionally designed vehicle replaced the first HANOMAG in 1928. On top of the flat radiator there was now an enameled emblem with wings, but still showing the silhouette of the first HANOMAG:

9,300 vehicles were built  with this particular emblem, nevertheless a hard to find item

11.4 cm x 4.8 cm

1929  - 1931


backside without makers mark

1929 advertisment for the new HANOMAG

photo collection Michael Schlenger:  https://vorkriegs-klassiker-rundschau.blog/tag/hanomag/page/5/

advertisment showing the new emblem

Junkyard find: engine block with cast-in emblem ( seen in 2021 )

The new HANOMAG 4/23 of 1931 still had a flat radiator with flat emblem:

 very large enameled radiator emblem

  20.3 cm x 8.0 cm
1931 - 1934

There was a variation of the HANOMAG 4/23 radiator which was vaulted. The emblem was vaulted too:

very large vaulted emblem

  20.3  cm x 8.0 cm
1931 - 1932

backside without makers mark

1937 - 38  advertisment

I could not assign this emblem until now. The white colors seem to be original, because they sit in depressions where the only blue enameled emblems are raised.

The next emblems were on a V-shaped radiator on top of the vertical trim, so they needed bolts from the back to fix them:

1934 colored front page of a sales brochure with v - shaped emblem



The last mass-produced HANOMAG appeared in 1939, with a streamlined body and - in my opinion - a relatively inconspicuous emblem:

unrestored 1939 HANOMAG 1,3 Liter

the last prewar HANOMAG also had a rear emblem

Apart from the car emblems, there were plenty of emblems on commercial vehicles and tractors:

Tractor emblem made in cast iron

Tractor emblem, no dates known

common tractor emblem

Emblem of the HANOMAG tractor made under licence in Spain by BARREIROS

1965 - 1969 front emblem of the HANOMAG Matador

Horn button of the HANOMAG Matador

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