Feb 17, 2022



SEABROOK / UK  ( 1920 - 1928 )

SEABROOK Bros. ltd. Company was founded by the brothers Percy Seabrook and Herbert Seabrook  in London back in 1895. At first, parts for bicycle production were manufactured there. From 1911, the company also imported American-made vehicles like REGAL and the NAPOLEON truck. In 1920 the first own vehicle was produced. This vehicle initially had a self-developed and built engine. But already in 1921 they installed a Dorman engine. From 1923 they used Meadow engines.

Production ceased  as early as 1926 and the business was sold to Frank Burgess, who probably produced some more vehicles.

 In 9 years they built 300 vehicles only, so the emblem is a hard to find item.

c. 9.5 cm x 4.5 cm

1920  - 1928


flat backside without makers mark

1923 advertisment with SEABROOK name written in the  style of the emblem

1924 advertisment showing the radiator and the emblem

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