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SHERIDAN / USA   ( 1920 - 1921 )

When William C. Durant was still president of General Motors ( G.M. ), he asked D.A. Burke to develop a new vehicle. The result was so satisfactory that a production was decided. W.C. Durant left G.M.a short time later, bought the former Inter-State Automobile Company plants where the Sheridan car had been built, and shortly thereafter began production of DURANT vehicles on site. 

In the short period from 1920 to 1921 about 800 vehicles were built, so the emblem is very rare.

4.4 cm x 7.0 cm

1920  - 1921


backside without makers mark

As the emblem is rare and expensive, Harry Pulfer ordered a reproduction emblem made in Hong Kong in the nineteensixties.    However, the repro is easily recognizable:

- the backside of the repro is flat and the base is not nickel plated

- the lines in the emblem are continuous in the repro, while in the original strokes and dots alternate

- the letters SHERIDAN down in the emblem are written too small 

- the original  base is nickel plated and not

             left:    flat repro                right: original                           

1921 advertisment showing the car and the emblem

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