Mar 26, 2022


 DONNET ZEDEL ( 1924 - 1933 )

The company "Societé Francaises des Automobiles Zedel" , which was formerly closely associated with the Swiss company "Zürcher & Lüthi", built automobiles with the name "ZEDEL" in Pontarlier, Doubs / France as well as in Switzerland. Production started in 1906. In 1923 the company merged with DONNET.

The production of the French "DONNET - ZEDEL" began  in 1924. The company built a series of well-selling four-cylinder cars. From 1926 the firm came to concentrate upon a 2,5 liter six-cylinder, which becam a popular car.  In 1931, an attempt was made to bring out a front-wheel drive  car, but it did not go into production. In 1934, SIMCA took over the factory facilities. 

 Here you can see the last emblem of the Zedel company, which was already producing in France before it became the DONNET ZEDEL brand:


Automobiles ZEDEL emblem with the two letters Z and L in a circle

  4.0 cm x 6.1 cm
1920 - 1923

1908 british advertisment showing the two letters Z L

early ZEDEL radiator ( 1912 )

In 1923 ZEDEL merged with Donnet and production was transferred to Nanterre, and the cars sold under the name DONNET ZEDEL.

Here you can see the first DZ emblem, which was still completely designed in the style of Zedel:


still the letters Z and L in a circle

4.0 x  6.1 cm
Year1923 - 1926

In 1926 a completly new designed emblem was seen on the radiator:

the company was well known enough and therefore was content with a simple letter D in the emblem.

4.0 x  6.1 cm
Year1926 - 1928

backside without makers mark

Already in 1928 there was the next change in design. Now you could read again the full company name DONNET in an octagon:

4.6 x  4.6 cm
Year1928 - 1933

1928 brochure showing proudly the new emblem

DONNET radiator of my collection

In 1932, there was even a kind of mascot on the vehicle, a tail adorned with a dark blue emblem in front:

mascot of the 1932 DONNET 11CV

  4.6 cm x 4.6 cm (emblem only)
Estimate for the entire mascot

emblem of the mascot

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