Jul 10, 2022


 SAUER / GERMANY   ( 1921 - 1922)

Here we have  a really - even among experts - unknown brand: the SAUER car from Hamburg / Germany. In 1921 the company built a car with 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine with 10/30 hp.

Various technical components were purchased by Sauer. For example, in addition to the ZF Soden transmission, the rear axle was supplied by Pekrun from Coswig.

In Berlin, SAUER automobiles were offered by Autohaus R. Heinze, Charlottenburg, Kaiserdamm 89.

The company was in a very weak financial position. The money was even not enough for a stand at the 1921 automobile exhibition in Berlin.
Not a single SAUER automobile survived.
It is very likely that less than 100 cars were built, because production was stopped again already in 1922. The emblem is very rare. To my knowledge there is only a second emblem in a swedish collection.

 large v - shaped radiator emblem

Size14 cm  x  5.5 cm
Year1921 - 1922


backside without makers mark

In this ad you can read that the company is not present at the motor show ( although it was held in the immediate neighborhood ).

One of the rare documents showing the car and the technical data

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