Nov 17, 2022


 GRÄF & STIFT / AUSTRIA  ( 1905 - 1971 )

Wilhelm Sift and his son Willy had established business contacts with the three brothers Gräf after the foundation of the not very successful company "Celeritas" in order to found a new automobile factory. In 1906 they brought out the first car of their own design. In 1914, the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand was shot dead in a Gräf & Stift on the open road. In the twenties, several 6-cylinder and one 8-cylinder car were built. In the thirties Citroen and Ford models were built under license. The production of passenger cars was abandoned in 1938 due to the lack of success in favor of truck production.

And here is  the first enameled radiator emblem:

                                                 emblem and chassis plate in one

Size14.5 cm x 5.5 cm
Yearc. 1912- 1914


backside with makers mark from ALFRED STÜBBE BERLIN (!)

1907 advertisment: no automobile, no emblem, only letters !

early hubcap emblem still with the Austrian eagle

1911 review of the GRÄF & STIFT with technical details and the radiator

To my knowledge a new designed emblem was introduced in 1920:

In the middle of the emblem you see  the Roman I in a cercle as a sign of its self-awareness

 15.0 cm x  6.0 cm (emblem only)

 1920 - 1954


There were quite a lot of different versions:

original emblem with here with opaque red

next version with opaque blue enamel

backside with makers mark from: STÖGER WIEN VII

another version with black enamel ( collection Murray Shears )

early hubcap with emblem showing the new invented number " I "

1927 GRÄF & STIFT street cleaning truck in Vienna

another hubcap emblem

In 1934 / 35  GRÄF & STIFT built the CITROEN ROSALIE in licence, therefore the Citroen sign in the middle of the emblem:

 "moteur flottant " means:  floating power

Floating power was a new technology and means the attaching of a motor to its chassis with the intention to reduce vibrations.

And this is where the center piece of the GRÄF & STIFT emblem comes from :

original  CITROEN radiator emblem


The GRÄF & STIFT Type MF6,  a CITROEN licence had this particular mascot

After WWII GRÄF & STIFT continued to built trucks only.

In my opinion, this mascot here is the highlight in the history of GRÄF & STIFT:

Size15.0 cm x 20.0 cm

with base and perfect emblem

This is a giant three-dimensional representation of the famous lion as a front emblem.

20.0  cm x 29.0 cm

c. 1960- 1966


The next development step: the front emblem becomes flatter, but is still three-dimensional:

 19.5 cm
Yearc 1967 - 1970

The last GRÄF & STIFT truck front emblem was made in plastic, but still impressive.

 18.5 cm x 14.5 cm
Yearc. 1970 - 71

Also a lion, but from BÜSSING,  not to be confused with GRÄF & STIFT shown above.

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