Dec 16, 2022



MARS / GERMANY  ( 1904 - 1912 )

The "Mars - Werke AG" began in Nuremberg in 1904 with the production of so-called Voituretten. MARS automobiles were first presented to the public at the motor vehicle exhibition in Leipzig in 1906. 

They built two and four seaters and commercial trucks ( "Geschäftswagen"). The cars had a friction drive.

Also due to licensing disputes with Maurer Automobilwerke about the friction drive automobile manufacturing was discontinued around 1912. Until 1957 MARS motorcycles came from Nuremberg.

MARS emblem showing  the mediaval silhouhette of Nuremberg / Germany

Size6.5 cm
Yearc. 1912


backside without maker´s mark

1906 advertisment

To my knowledge, a single MARS automobile has survived to this day.

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