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MOLL ( MOLLMOBIL) 1921 - 1928

MOLL Werke AG was founded in Scharfenstein/Saxony in 1916. Automobile production also began there in 1921. Vehicles were offered with 6/30 hp and from 1924 also with 8/40 hp.
In 1923, the "Mollmobil", a minimalist vehicle with a 1-cylinder engine, was launched. 

The type 3/30 or 8/40 had a round emblem showing a figure whose head consisted of the letter O, a funny design idea.

MOLL hubcap with the same design as the radiator emblem

1924 advertisment with the  "Moll - man"

photo collection Thomas Ulrich

close up showing the round MOLL emblem

another advertisment showing clearly the emblem

Some Mollmobile also had a small round emblem on the sides,  at least this is shown by some contemporary photos while the surviving (three) Mollmobiles have no emblems. I have never seen a Mollmobil emblem in original.

At that time a serious attempt to build a vehicle, today a rather funny car.

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