Mar 11, 2023



NICLAUSSE / LYON / FRANCE  (1906 - 1918)

 In 1890 the brothers Jules and Albert Niclausse registered a patent for a "multitubular steam generator with independent removable and balanced tubes", which will make their fortune.

In order to diversify their products, they also turned to automotive manufacturing.

In 1906, when Sigmund Gerster, a Swiss engineer, was hired, the first NICLAUSSE cars were designed and produced.

At the Paris show in December 1906, a chassis and a complete car were presented. The NICLAUSSE catalog proposed three types of engines. All these cars had big four cylinder engines. Production remains low, estimated at fifty chassis for 1908. Sigmund Gerster leaves NICLAUSSE in 1910 and becomes an engineer at Chapuis-Dornier in 1913. As a result, there will be no more new NICLAUSSES models.

After the First World War, production is also not resumed. It is estimated that perhaps a total of 300 vehicles were built, two of which still exist today ( and my radiator of course ).

What an original emblem, made of copper. It shows the Gallic rooster sitting on the steering wheel. In the background, top left the emble is repeated in a reduced size. Also, in the center left, the car itself driving over clouds in front of a bright sun.

 7.8 cm x 8.1 cm
Year1906 - 1918

Note the outline of the emblem. It has the outline of the complete radiator, but upside down.

Originally the radiator was not  nickel-plated, nor did it show its brass. It was painted in green color with black trim. Remains of it have been preserved on this radiator.

1912 Paris  Salon de l` Automobile

an imposing appearence, even without headlights

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