Mar 9, 2023



OTAV / MILANO / ITALY  (1905 - 1908 )

Max Türkheimer , a German industrialist was a manufacturer of bicycles. In 1905 he decided  to built automobiles. He created the OFFICINE TÜRKHEIMER AUTOMOBILI VELOCIPEDI ( therefore the name OTAV ) in Milano / Italy.  His first car had  a small 1-cylinder engine ( 4 HP, later 5,5 HP ). As early as 1906 a 4-cylinder motor car with 24 HP was added.

 About 200 examples were produced in about three years. In 1908, following a crisis in the industry, the factory  closed down. Deported to Auschwitz Max Türkheimer died in 1944. To my knowledge, two vehicles have survived, one in England and one in Paraguay.

very colorful emblem showing a sun in the background

5.4 cm x 5.4 cm
Year1905 - 1908

OTAV advertisment showing the sun of the emblem and the name with the special letter V

two of the small OTAV cars, photographed in Milano

share of the company, bottom right showing the 4-cylinder car






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