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ISOTTA  - FRASCHINI    ITALY / MILANO   ( 1900 - 1970 )

In 1898, lawyer Cesare Isotta and wealthy businessman Vincenzo Fraschini teamed up to create an import business for Renault and De Dion Bouton vehicles. Already two years later they offered vehicles under their own name ISOTTA - FRASCHINI. In 1905 the steep rise of the company began when they hired the engineer Giustino Cattaneo, who successfully developed various vehicles for IF until 1933.

The first emblem of this famous company that I could find shows a woman's head and her right hand holding a technical device. It is supposed to be a compass.

pre 1908 hubcap insert

1907 advertisment still showing the head of a women

original 1902 firewall emblem

great reproduction of a pre 1908 firewall emblem

close up showing the portait

All vehicles from at least 1908 until about 1924 then wore a round blue / white emblem, which appeared in different sizes and varied in detail.

here a round and slightly convex emblem

6.4 cm
Year1908 - 1924

1920 advertisment with emblem

original blank still missing the enamel

 Round emblems in various sizes:

there was also an enameled  steering wheel  emblem

and also an engine emblem

A special emblem was worn by the Tipo 8 luxury car, which appeared in 1919 and of which 1380 were built by 1932. 

I suppose that the TIPO 8 was also successful in car races, which is why the emblem was given a laurel wreath.

6.4 cm (emblem only)

1919  - 1923


In  1924 a modernized, rectangular emblem  appeared:


var. Sizes
here:  5.0 cm x 8.8 cm
Year1924 - 1939

 From 1924 to 1932 the name of the city MILANO was written in cursive, then in block letters:


cursive letters

block letters


var. sizes
here:  8.3 cm x 4.7 cm
Year1924 - 1939



backside without makers mark


ISOTTA - FRASCHINI was a producer of luxury cars and so the new rectangular emblem was also a luxury product in itself, because it was made of 800 silver and therefore also bears a silver stamp.
On some emblems it can be seen on the back, on some emblems even on the front.  I don't know of any other car emblem with a silver stamp.


close up of the silver stamp


silver stamp on the backside

Many rare and expensive emblems are also reproduced:

Guess, which one is the repro ?

many of the IF vehicles exported to the USA received high-quality radiator mascots

In most publications you read that IF stopped producing vehicles in 1948. But this is only true for passenger cars.  Trucks were still produced under the name IF until about 1970. They also had rectangular emblems, but of course no longer made of silver, but chromed or aluminum.

 chromed front emblem of a truck on an aluminium flap to the water radiator

5.0 cmx 8.8  cm (emblem only)

aluminium truck front emblem

5.0 cm x 8.8 cm (alu emblem only)

For more emblems see older posts or top right ( list of car makers ).

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