Oct 22, 2023



JOSWIN / BERLIN / GERMANY    ( 1920 - 1925 )

 The company "Motorenwagen Josef Winsch" , later "JOSWIN - Motorenwagen Fabrik produced luxurious 6-cylinder sports cars and touring cars from circa 1920 to circa 1925. After WWI, the facilities of the German aircraft industry had to be destroyed due to the Treaty of Versailles. The company JOSWIN took the chance and equipped their vehicles with leftover aircraft engines.

five stars for an original emblem:

Year1920 - 1923

 At first I suspected that the JOSWIN vehicles had no radiator emblem at all, especially because the only surviving vehicle, which is exposed in  Den Haag / Netherland at the Louwman Museum, has no emblem.

JOSWIN seen in the Louwman museum in Den Haag

radiator without emblem or script

But then I found this picture of a JOSWIN radiator in Braunbeck's MOTOR magazine, which clearly shows an emblem:

1923 photo of a JOSWIN radiator with emblem

There was also a wonderful brooch depicting the exact emblem shown on the radiator:

JOSWIN brooch; photo and collection Andre Suchanek

In an advertisement from 1921 you can see another drawn emblem. However, it can be assumed that this is purely a graphic and that such an emblem was never on a vehicle.

1925 advertisment showing the MERCEDES aero engine

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