Oct 23, 2023


SZAWE / BERLIN / GERMANY  ( 1921 - 1924  )

The company was founded by the merchants Karl Szabo, Gerson Wechselmann, Erich Wechselmann, Karl Wechselmann and Friedrich Wilhelm Gendebien. The word mark Szawe was created as an acronym from the names Szabo and Wechselmann. 

The company produced sophisticated car bodies on its own in Berlin, which were mounted on NAG-manufactured chassis of the C 4 model with a 2536 cc four-cylinder engine. The first body model was designed by the artist, designer and constructor Ernst Neumann-Neander.

 In 1922/1923, a joint company Ehrhardt-Szawe Automobilwerke existed temporarily.

On August 5, 1924, bankruptcy proceedings were opened against the assets of Szawe Automobil- und Karosseriefabrik AG.

1921 Automobilausstellung in Berlin:  SZAWE with 4 cars and two chassis

1921 advertisement showing the very stylish radiator with script

This SZAWE car is probably the only one in existence. Seen in a Danish museum ( Helsingoer )

1921 advertisment in Motor Braunbeck

on the lamps a SZAWE script

1921 advertisment showing 4 different bodies

decorated crankhole cover

also  the engine was decorated with an " SZAWE 6 ZYL " script

You can read on the advertisment:  What Rolls Royce is in England, EHRHARDT SZAWE is in Germany. Therefore the rectangular RR and ES emblem in the ad:

1923 advertisment for EHRHARDT SZAWE. I don´t know if the "ES" emblem ever existed.

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