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AUSTIN / GREAT BRITAIN   ( 1906 - 1989)

From 1906 to 1970, AUSTIN MOTOR Co. Ltd. built automobiles in Longbridge near Birmingham, England. Its greatest success was the AUSTIN SEVEN, which was sold under license in Germany as the DIXI, in France as the Rosengart LR2 and even in Japan by DATSUN.
The trademark showed a stylized steering wheel and a winged wheel in various variations over the years.

var. Sizes
15.2 cm x 7.5cm and other
Year1922 - 1939

backside without makers mark
1921 advertisment with badge

1924 advertisment for the french market

At the beginning of the 1920s, AUSTIN also built tractors, which also received the emblem with the stylized steering wheel with wings.

No rule without exception. Of course this Austin A-90 emblem is post-war, but this is one of the most beautiful and most colorful emblems. I counted six different colors. On top of the emblem, you see the badge that Austin used in the pre-war era: a stylized steering wheel with with wings.

3 x 7 cm
Year 1949

backside with makers mark from J.FRAY B`HAM

A90 badge, on top you see the stylised steering wheel with wings

AUSTIN A90 in a British museum, look at the ornaments on the fenders

Before and after the lovely designed A90 emblem AUSTIN automobiles had a  much more simple designed emblem that were given numbers to show the respective types, from 8, 10, 12, 16 to 40, 70 and 125.
most of these emblems are easy to find except for some prewar and the 125 emblem, as only a few vehicles of this type were built

2,0 cm x 6,0 cm
Year1939 onwards

1947 - 1953: Austin hood ornament and two front badges on a single car : what do you want more ?

In Italy, the Austin A40 was built by Innocenti under license and was given its own, fairly simple emblem:

6,2 cm x 5.5 cm

for sale  ( seen in Padova / Italy in 2019 )
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