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 BORGWARD / BREMEN / GERMANY  ( 1939 - 1961 )

The BORGWARD automobile brand was one of the most important in Germany. The production of vehicles named after the owner Carl Borgward began in 1939. However, 1939 was also the year of the beginning of the Second World War, so that only a few civilian vehicles were produced until 1941. These were upper mid-range vehicles with 2.3 liter engines. 

1939 / 1940 first emblem with the BORGWARD name

 29 cm x 8.0 cm with wings
Year1939 - 1941

You see the prewar BORGWARD emblem down right  on the civil automobile:

1941 front page of the MOTOR und SPORT magazine


close up showing the hood emblem

Before 1939, the Group's vehicles still bore the name HANSA. The middle section of the emblem was already designed identically to the red and white fields. 

predecessor emblem

still a HANSA, no BORGWARD name yet

After the Second World War, Borgward resumed production of civilian vehicles and again used the design of the emblem with the red and white rhombus introduced in 1939, this time on the trucks.  

The passenger vehicles, on the other hand, were given a large rhombus made of chrome-plated metal.

Postwar BORGWARD rhombus for passenger cars ( here Isabella )

Last not least: in China, the brand was revived under the name Borgward after the grandson of the company founder sold the rights to use that name. The project was not successful and in  Borgward / China was declared bankrupt in 2022.

Chinese BORGWARD emblem

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