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BENZ / MANNHEIM / GERMANY ( 1886 - 1926 , later MERCEDES BENZ )

The German automobile pioneers Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz laid the foundations for motorized transport. On July 3, 1886, BENZ presented what was probably the world's first automobile to an astonished public.

 And here comes a rare prewar emblem from Germany`s most famous car producer BENZ before it became MERCEDES - BENZ in 1926.

BENZ radiator emblem radiator badge vintage
BENZ radiator emblem


But the first BENZ cars had no emblem:

1896 BENZ VELO  (collection Christoph Schmidt )

The first advertisements were also rather boring, in particular no automobile was depicted:

1907 advertisment in an Austrian magazine

In 1910 the famous BENZ emblem was patented:

first use claimed for 1909

Photo of the BENZ stand at the 1907 Paris Motor Show. Emblems are not visible on the cars.


One of the most wanted emblems for collectors:

BENZ radiator emblem radiator badge vintage
BENZ radiator emblem

 7.3 cm
Year1909 - 26



flat backside of the emblem shown above but with makers mark from CH. LAUER NÜRNBERG

 There were variations of this famous emblem:


backside of an original emblem, but no makers mark


BENZ also sold automobiles in Italy:


1912 advertisment for the Italian Market


some emblems were enameled in blue

1914 BENZ radiator with exceptional shell, on top with emblem

Also from 1914 onwards, BENZ fitted the v - shaped radiator, which had become fashionable, to its vehicles:

the auxiliary headlights do not stand at an angle by mistake because they were intended to illuminate the curves ( and co-steering headlights had not yet been invented ) .

 7.3 cm
Year1914 - 20

backside without makers mark

1921 exposition showing the new BENZ with v - shaped radiator

1924 color ad: the whole family loves the BENZ

I found several ads at once, which I do not want to withhold from you because of their beauty, celebrating the merger of BENZ and DAIMLER.

In the first advertisements after the merger of Benz and Daimler, both previous emblems were still visible:


1926 advertisment still with two emblems

1926 advertisment


In 1906 Carl Benz left the company he had founded und built automobiles under the trade mark BENZ und SÖHNE. For BENZ und SÖHNE emblems click here.


For other  emblems  see older posts or top right of this page ( list of car makers ).

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